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Complete 1960’s and 1940’s Outfits

July 31, 2014

Hello everyone! I can’t say just how excited I am about my completed outfits.

I bought this late 1960’s polyester jacket, and had no cool pants to wear with it. Now I have awesome bell bottoms! I used Simplicity 8009 from 1968. They are black and made out of a really fine corduroy, but it’s more like velvet.



The other outfit I completed was Simplicity 1752 for the blouse and Simplicity 4637 for the skirt. The blouse is silk and has shoulder pads, and the skirt is linen (very wrinkly!!).


The blouse is a yellowy-ivory and the skirt is dark brown if you can’t tell. I’m sorry my pictures are so crappy today.

Thanks for looking!

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