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June 15, 2014

This year was my husband and my 5th wedding anniversary and we decided to do a vintage vow renewal ceremony on the beach!

I decided to make myself a vintage wedding dress! I decided on this late 40s pattern:

Especially after I found it’s vintage doppelganger!

As you can see, my version of white cotton lawn turned out quite like the original!

It was such a wonderful event! I was so bummed that I got married before I discovered vintage so this was my do over dress.

I shared a ridiculous number of photos from the day over on my blog. General vow renewal shots are here and my dress diary is here.

  1. Oh, this caught my breath because I have this pattern. It was the first pattern my mother bought but she never made it. I only found that out about 5 years ago shortly before she moved to a care home. My Mum was born in 1926.

  2. Just to add, unless you have a definite date, I would guess this was an early to mid 40’s pattern based on my Mum’s age. She probably bought it before she married in 1947.

  3. What a beautiful dress. And how lovely you made a vow renewal for your 5th anniversary, you two look so happy together, congrats to you both and a toast to the next 5!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love the story of the do-over vintage dress for your vow renewal! how fun and special to get a chance to make and wear such a beautiful dress. 🙂

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