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The best mom ever!

May 18, 2014

My mom bought me these patterns a couple weeks ago and I am just getting around to posting them. I have the best mom ever! And I got a call from her yesterday saying that she just picked up 6 more for me!
I kinda want to make the men’s boxer shorts. They are just too awesome for words!

  1. Love the jumper dress on the top left! I have a similar boxer pattern, but my husband hates boxers so I’ve never tested the pattern out.

  2. I agree about the boxers. I cut off some of my husband’s lounge pants to make “jammie shorts” because it always seems like he’s hot. Lounge shorts work perfectly. What a great mom you have!

    p.s. make that cute square neck dress in the front. I could totally see that one in eyelet for summer!

  3. I made a pair of those boxers from that very pattern, but scaled down to fit a 60cm doll. It was a fun pattern to do even though making it that small drove me nuts.

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