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May 8, 2014

I’ve always liked the 1940’s style trousers I saw on other blogs… Now, I’ve drafted and sewn a pair for myself. With a sailor front.

High waistline, fairly loose fit at the hip, straight wide legs. I made these in fairly thin and drapey dark blue denim and used golden yellow topstitching thread for the flat felled seams. And because of the wide shape, I could flat fell all the leg seams.

These jeans are really comfortable and I quite like the look with a top tucked in. Now, I just need to make some more blouses…

More pictures and the full story at my blog

  1. Your jeans look wonderful! Did you use a serger/overlocker or a standard sewing machine? I’ve been wanting to make a pair of jeans for a long time, but only have a regular sewing machine and didn’t know if I needed a more heavy duty model or a serger.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. My apologies for my late reply. I have a serger/overlocker but I only used it to finish the edges of the seam allowances of the pocket bags. You definitely don’t need one to make jeans. When sewing wovens, a serger is normally only used for finishing seam allowances. It allows you to work faster and gives a RTW style finish but it’s not necessary at all (when sewing knits, a serger is very useful though).
      Most sewing machines can handle jeans, especially if you try a not too thick variety first. I would recommend buying jeans needles though, or at least using thicker needles. 90 would be right for thinnish jeans.

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