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Terminology help: What do you call this kind of pocket?

April 17, 2014

This is a little thing but it’s been nagging me forever.

What do you call the kind of pocket seen in this Flickr set (Simplicity 4717, 1943).  (This is my set; I made the dress a couple of years ago.)

I’ve gotten in the habit of thinking of them as “Colonial pockets” because they’re similar to the pockets women wore as a separate accessory before pockets installed in clothing became common, but I know that that’s only my lazy term for them and they must have a proper name.  Unfortunately, since I don’t know what that name is, I can’t search for it, and since they’re not a terribly common kind of pocket they’re not coming up on my various “types of pockets” searches.



  1. These may be a form of kangaroo pocket? Though it looks like they don’t meet in the middle/are a long tube (did that make sense?). They may just be regular pockets that are slightly forward of the hip because the seam is slightly forward of the hip.

    1. The seam is down the middle of the pocket, which is pretty distinctive.

      It just doesn’t seem useful not to have a term that differentiates them, since all other pockets seem to have their own names!

  2. Like separate tie-on pocket bags but smaller and integrated in the skirt?

    I don’t know what to call those but I have seen them on dresses with full-ish skirts from the 1940’s and 50’s. I’ll try and find them again to look for a name but I don’t think there was a special term for these in the descriptions I have seen (and most of my magazines are in Dutch anyway, so I’m not sure it would help, even if I found a name). They are usually just referred to as ‘vertical slit pockets’ or something along that line.

    1. I wouldn’t have called them kangaroo pockets since they’re not usually in the middle of the garment–they’re one on each side, which is not kangaroo like. And they’re not connected. They’re two separate “bags”.

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