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Sew for Victory Dress

April 17, 2014

Yay! I finished my Sew For Victory dress! The pattern I used is Hollywood 1335. My aim was to make a perfect spring/summer dress. I think the fabric just breathes those seasons with the bright colors and floral print. 



What I love about this pattern are the ruffles and the pleated skirt. Actually the pleats hold little pockets, which is such a smart design feature!

Sewing this dress went pretty ok. I had a few difficulties during the process. The sleeve cap had too much ease. I tried different methods to get the sleeves in smoothly, but with no good results. So I gathered the sleeve cap to create a little puffed sleeve. 

I also had some problems with the buttonholes. Well one buttonhole, to be more precise. I had to redo this particular button hole 4 times before I got the result I wanted. How frustrating.

And I couldn’t use my serger because it has some difficulties. Instead I choose to use seam binding. This seam binding was a gift from a friend! Look how beautiful the inside looks! This is really the best way of finishing edges! I really want to use seam binding more often in future projects. We don’t have this in the Netherlands as far is I know, so I really need to find a good online shops with reasonable (shipping) prices. Any suggestions are very welcome 🙂

The best thing about this dress is my boyfriends opinion. Normally he doesn’t really like my floral dresses. But this one he does like. He said he thinks the dress and colors really suits me. How cute!

  1. hello , i buy my seam binding from etsy in the states it comes on a 100 yard roll ..Mrs Bee Vintage

  2. You can also make your own if worse comes to worst–it’s narrow bias binding. Kind of a pain but if purchasing it is expensive or troublesome, it’s a good use of scrap.

    I love that dress!

  3. Beautiful dress!

    About the seam binding: I live in the Netherlands myself and I use store bought bias tape (cotton or satin) for a finish like this. That can be bought in any haberdashery store and once you get a little bit of practice, it’s easy to work with.
    Although, to be honest, I’d like to find some of the special seam binding I’ve read about on blogs, just to see what the fuss is about.

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    @ lauriana. I tried bias tape, but i don,t like it for finishing seams. Compared to seam binding, the fabric is much thicker and creates bulkier seams.

  5. Fabulous dress. As for the seam binding, there is a great course on Craftsy about finishing seams. The first section tells you how to make your own seam binding. It is a really good tutorial. No affiliation w/ Craftsy. Just a happy customer.

  6. I love your 40s makes! I really want to make myself some shirt dresses and this one’s even more incentive to get on that! I’ve had similar buttonhole woes – there’s always one that won’t co-operate….

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