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Take Part in the US Version of the Great British Sewing Bee!

March 18, 2014

Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaahhhhh! And other assorted screaming….

The production company behind The Great British Sewing Bee is making an American version and they would love to find some people who sew vintage. In other words, you!

I’m so incredibly excited about this I might explode. For goodness sake, if you’ve entertained the idea of being on the show for even a millisecond, apply by sending an email and current picture to! Are you going to apply? Let us know in the comments…


  1. Please don’t ruin it … please don’t ruin it … please don’t ruin it …

    Is it even possible for an American version of this to exist without spoiling what makes the “bees” great? That is, a gentle, friendly attitude, prevailing niceness among the contestants, an incredibly earnest outlook, kindly judges, hilarious – but in no way mean-spirited – hosting? Hah.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, though.

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