Looking for 1970’s Dress Pattern

March 16, 2014

I’m trying to find a modern pattern equivelent for the dress in the image below.

I’d be happy if I could even find the correct ‘shape’ to cut out to get that 1970’s collar. But I can’t find a tutorial anywhere….surely someones done it before.

I’m hoping you can help me. I think I can use my shirtdress pattern (I’ll have to compromise with a button down the front) but its the collar I always have trouble with….if I can get me a basic 1970s blouse shape It would give me a base to work from.

  1. have you tried Etsy for any vintage shirt dress patterns or dresses with a v-neck from 1970? you can add the collar to it later. it could also be possible to draft it yourself. even if you just get some cooking paper and hold that against yourself in the mirror and roughly draw it.
    That’s probably the best way to get that extreme point on the collar though – buying the actual complete pattern

    70s patterns on Etsy are cheap and there’s plenty of them!

    1. The back of the pattern envelope of this one shows the shape of the collar very clearly if you click on the last thumbnail.

  2. Sarah Jane! Doctor Who! Are you planning a cosplay outfit? It’s a cute dress and looks comfortable. I look forward to seeing your finished dress!

  3. Thanks for all the answers. Its helped a lot.
    I’m going to make a ‘blouse’ to practice my collar size with and sleeves first before tackling the dress. 🙂

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