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Costume Collections of the World

March 8, 2014

Hello everyone! I just launched a collaborative Google map which might interest a lot of the readers here – it’s a collection of costume and textile museums from around the world. You can open the map here or by clicking on the image below.

I was inspired by Vicki’s Map the Sewintists project which has been so successful. If you haven’t checked out the Map of Sewintists yet, get on it! The map portrays sewing enthusiasts around the world – each of whom contributed to the map by adding a pin of their location and links to their blogs (if they have one).

Costume Collections of the World is the same idea – anyone can add and edit the information on the map. I started the map out with a small selection of museums and collections I found through Google searches, but I would be extremely grateful if anyone would like to put additional locations on the map – either collections you have visited yourself or places that you know about. The goal is to have a thorough, world-wide map of museums and other institutes that focus on all manner of costumes, accessories, or textiles. My hope is that it will become a useful resource for anyone interested in sewing, fashion, textiles, etc., whether they are sewists on vacation, researchers looking for information, or people who like to browse online museum collections looking for inspiration.

If you haven’t created a custom Google Map before, here’s the low down. You can add locations to the map in two ways:

1. Enter the museum name in the search bar and press enter. Then click on the green pin that appears on the map,  and click “Add to map.”

2. Click on the “Add marker” button located directly below the search bar and place your pin in the appropriate spot on the map. Give your pin a title and a short description. A link to the museum’s webpage is very helpful!

You can also add photos by clicking on a pin, clicking on “Edit” (pencil icon), and then clicking on the camera icon. You can add photos found online or upload your own if you’ve visited the museum yourself and would like to share. Just be sure to click “Save” when you’re done editing each location.

(For more info on editing Google Maps, you can click here.)

So if you have a minute and the inclination, please add a pin! Or spread the word if you know others who might like to contribute or look at the results. I have high hopes that this map will get the same frequent usage as Map the Sewintists and become a valuable resource for the sewing community and anyone else with like interests.

Thanks for listening! If you want to read my original blog post on the subject, you can click here.

** UPDATE **

Thank you everyone who has added to the map! I’m so pleased how many new locations appeared just overnight!

Also, I discovered it is incredibly easy to accidentally delete or move things on the map, but if you press ctrl+Z you can quickly undo any error.

  1. What a great idea !

    What is the extent of the collections we can add ?
    Can we add lace making museums ? Or woven silks collections ? (we have a lot of these in France…)

    Thank you !

    1. Yes! I think both of those would be of interesting to people who sew and similar audiences. I think any collection related to sewing, textiles, accessories, etc. belongs on this map. If there’s a museum of sewing machines (I don’t know – is there?) or a museum about the history of weaving – all of that I think is relevant.

    1. It sounds like a wonderful place. It really is a difficult time for museums, but at least it looks like this collection will still be well-cared for. On the website it says that they may be developing exhibitions for the collection through the National Museum sometime in the next few years.

  2. Hi Claire! I was cleaning up spam and checking my blog stats when I found that I was getting loads of hits from wesewretro. Hmmmmmm……I thought; I haven’t posted anything there. Heheh. Thanks for the mention, and glad you’ve run with the idea. If I knew more about coding, I would have designed my own site for Map the Sewintists, but I made do with what was available.

    I’m going to go now and add a few museums I’ve visited around the world.

    1. I think Google has changed the platform for making your own maps between when you made yours and when I launched this one. I am having trouble figuring out a lot of the features, and it seems like there may still be kinks. But I think you can also download the data from your map and save it (as a kml file) if you ever want to try to upload it on a different platform. I’m not the most tech-savvy, but I’m saving the data from this map periodically so that I have it in case things ever get deleted.

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