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Butterick 9428 with some creative changes

March 3, 2014

I’m (mostly) happy with how this dress project turned out.  I had just enough fabric from a friend to squeak it out, and it’s still not totally done (it’s missing a hook and eye and one dang button), but I’m pretty pleased.

The main problem I had was that once I’d gotten the whole dress together, nothing I did would convince the collar to look like the pattern picture!  I ended up folding it over and tacking it down instead, and I can see now that I need to tack it down a little further, because it got pretty rumpled in the test wearing.  I’d really like to make the view with the front scallop detail once the weather warms up a bit… at least that one has a straightforward neckline.

More pictures and babbling on my blog.  And, uh, if anyone sees another green heart button like these, let me know, will you?  I’ve only got six, and I need seven.

  1. I am thoroughly happy with your pretty dress! Besides loving the color, I love the fabric you chose. It’s so pretty and you did such a nice job! You should be so proud of it!

    PS – Especially love that little Turtle!

  2. Just a note on your buttons….you can create a button mold really cheap and make your own (I do this all the time with vintage buttons because there are NEVER enough for the project I need). Take 100% silicone and work in corn starch until it’s not sticky anymore. Flatten it a bit and press the button into the silicone. Let set (about 90 minutes or so) and remove the button. You now have a button mold! I use Sculpey clay (of proper color) to make new buttons (press the clay into the mold and then release and cutoff any extras. Make buttonholes with toothpicks. Bake. Coat in Acrylic gloss spray. Done!). I’ll be posting a longer more detailed and pictured tutorial on here and my blog this weekend.

  3. Would love to see that tutorial Kelsey. I never thought of making my own buttons before. Amazing job on the dress Frances! Love the color and style.

    1. It might be, but I suspect that the problem is that I thought the collar would involve a fold over, and it turns out that it just stands up away from the dress. I’m not sure that I have the right shape shoulders to make the original collar work, and I may have made a few sewing errors that prevented the collar from coming together properly.
      The pattern lists wool and corduroy as acceptable fabrics, though, so I doubt the weight is a major issue.

  4. What a lovely dress!
    I agree with Pat that your fabric may not be ideal for that style of collar but I can’t make out the picture well enough to be sure. Any way, solution works.

    1. Ah, yeah, I should have posted a clearer envelope picture! Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to make out the collar anyway since they’ve shown this style in a patterned dark brown. I’ll have to see if I can get a better picture from the instructions insert.

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