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A 1940ies winter coat

March 16, 2014

This project took what felt like forever and were in fact three years. In autumn and early winter I never had time to finish it and after christmas motivation was gone because I so longed for spring.

It was one of the first vintage pattern I ever bought and I had no experience in sewing with these at all. This led to a number of mistakes and a wrong sizing, most of them clearly visible in the final coat, at least to me.

Fabric is a felted cotton, the lining matches the colour of the burgundy bias binding accentuating the front seams. Pattern is a 40ies Beyer-Pattern, the coat is meant to be a “traditional style”-coat and with it came patterns for different dresses, blouses and skirts, all in “dirndl”-style.

An enumeration of all the things that went wrong as well as more photos can be found on my blog www.parvasedapta.ch.

Thank you very much for reading, love



  1. This coat is beautiful and well worth waiting three years for. You have done an amazing job on it. I wish that I had tackled something so ambitious for a first vintage project.

  2. Your coat is beautiful, with no flaws showing that I can see. You look lovely in it and I love your hat and shoes. It must have been quite a job. It looks very complicated and from a not so easy pattern, no less. Wonderful!

  3. Wow! That coat is sharp. I know (because I do this too) it is easy to focus on the imperfections that you know are there- but nobody else will see them, they will be too stricken by your beautiful and unique coat!.

  4. it looks really good! For all of the mishaps, i cant see any of them, so i think you’ve done wonderfully! Vintage pattern instructions are always tricky. they assume you know how to do certain techniques and don’t elaborate too much. I’ve only sewn with 60s patterns and they are very bad at this!
    It looks wonderful otherwise!

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