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Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge

February 6, 2014

Boy, has it been a while since I’ve shared a finished project here!?! I have a growing stash of vintage patterns, yet my elaborate plans get put on the backburner each time I get swept up in the frenzy surrounding the release of a new indie pattern. To start redressing this balance I’m making a very simple Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge – to sew up at least five of my vintage patterns during 2014.

There are already 40+ plus people joining me and although I may be barking up the wrong street here, as you’re all such avid vintage pattern stitchers, will you sign up too? There are no strict rules and you don’t even have to set yourself a numerical target. You can join in if you feel you’re not doing justice to your vintage or reproduction sewing patterns, if you want to achieve a personal best, or even if you want to try your hand at a vintage pattern for the very first time!

If you’re game, share your plans in a comment on my blog (or below) and/or make a pledge on your own blog. Don’t forget to share your finished makes with me throughout the year, either in the comments, by using #vintagepledge on Twitter or via emailI’ll tweet about them and pin them to this board to keep us all motivated and to inspire others. If enough people join in and share finished makes, I’ll also compile a few round-ups on my blog throughout the year.

To find out more, join in and grab a blog button, check out my original post on A Stitching Odyssey.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some of the stunning patterns I’m toying with…


  1. That’s a very good idea and I’m in.
    I love vintage style and I collect vintage patterns and fashion magazines but because I’ve been drafting my own patterns for years, I hardly ever get around to actually sewing from a real vintage pattern.
    I keep thinking about it but this challenge would be a good bit of extra motivation to actually do it. And a nice place to share the experience, of course.
    Your target, five patterns in the coming year sounds good, definitely more than a one-of but still achievable. I think I may pledge to do the same…
    I’ll write up a proper pledge later today (leaving for work now)

  2. I love these vintage patterns…even though I can’t sew a stitch. But the sizing is crazy! I typically wear a size 14, and there’s no way my bust size is a 34 and my waist a 36 :o( Do you ever convert patterns and do any custom sewing for people?

    1. Hi Maria! Yes, sizing has changed a lot over the ages as our bodies have evolved! I normally wear a size 12 UK, but usually sew up size 16 vintage patterns…crazy! And no, sadly I don’t convert patterns or take custom orders :o(

  3. My problem is I don’t usually use patterns. I usually draft it based upon a picture (sometimes including the picture of the different pieces) and then combine it how it makes sense to me.

    I AM currently working on a 50s dress pattern for my mother (massive amount of resizing needed to fit my mother’s short-waisted, hippy frame) and intend to make a coat with a 30s pattern… so what the hey. Let’s try to find 3 more. Maybe I’ll BUY a housecoat pattern instead of drafting and we’ll see what else I can dig up.

  4. Oh this sounds great! I’m keen, I only sew with vintage patterns, and I have also got my hands on WAY too many patterns recently. So this is great motivation to knuckle down and get sewing – as opposed to buying – more patterns.

    Thanks for sharing here. 🙂

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