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My First Franken-Pattern Dress

February 9, 2014

I actually made this dress (extremely last minute, as usual) for my friend Robyn’s wedding, whose wedding dress I made and blogged about here. It’s become one of my favorite dresses to date so I thought I’d share how I spliced it together.

The skirt is using the pattern of the overskirt in Butterick 4790, the Walkaway Dress. This was one of the very first patterns I used, and the very first Retro Butterick pattern. I really loved the shape of the skirt, especially how most of the fullness was on the sides and back.

For the bodice, I used McCall’s 6599, altered the neckline to a bit of a sweetheart shape and omitted the sleeves. It’s not a particularly retro style, but it was just the simple princess seamed bodice I wanted.

I have been SO pleased with this dress, it is hands down my favorite. I wear it all the time, and it is extremely comfortable. The cotton breathes well in the Texas heat, but it’s easy to throw a sweater over for cooler weather as I did during our trip to France this past summer!

I think I love this dress most of all because I feel like it fits me the best of any garment I’ve ever made, which makes me want to keep sewing and working at getting the best fit possible for all my clothes! It really is amazing how great a well-fitting garment makes you feel.

A few more pics and details on my blog here. 🙂

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