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A Little Vintage Sewing

February 11, 2014

Hello Vintage Friends,

While I’ve been a faithful reader for the last year I didn’t get to sew very many vintage patterns. This is something I’m determined to change in 2014! I started with a January birthday and broke out an adorable 1940 McCall pattern. It was the perfect project to ease me back into the vintage sewing world.

I was worried it would be too short on her but it ended up fitting perfectly. All the construction details and the happy recipient can been seen on my blog. Happy Sewing Everyone!

    1. Hey, sorry I didn’t see this sooner. It hit her right below her knee and I’d say she’s average to tall when it comes to height. Sorry I don’t have the measurements because I don’t have the dress anymore…

  1. Blog link doesn’t work, but I realized it was just missing a colon, so I was still able to see how lovely she looked wearing it! Really cute!

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