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A vintage blouse

January 12, 2014


This post is about a muslin I have made for a vintage blouse.  The pattern came from ebay. And I think the ladies look rather stylish, don’t you?!

I’ve made my muslin from a rather thin old sheet, as I wanted to test the fit and style before cutting into good fabric.

I think the sleeves are rather snazzy – a real statement.  They remind me of the Tilly and the Buttons Matilde blouse that is everwhere in the sewing blogosphere (can’t see how to do a link on here, but it’s easy to find).

The exposed zip is another key feature that I feel marks the make out as retro.  I really like it (it’s only my second zip so I’m rather proud of it).

It’s rather snug; I’m thinking if I do make this in good fabric I will maybe add a bit of width on either side.  Would you continue on to make the finished item?

  1. Wow, impressive exposed zipper job! I would consider some underarm gussets (Gertie’s New Blog has a handy tute) to allow a bit more movement–my job requires lots of arm-lifting, so that comes to mind first. This looks darling on you–can’t wait to see what this looks like in your ‘nice’ fabric!

  2. Fun! I wouldn’t necessarily add to the body width first. You might want to fit the shoulder width first and then do a full or low bust adjustment. I can’t see the darts to tell which may be more helpful. A good fitting book should tell you how to proceed. The process of fitting a commercial pattern to your body is a good skill to learn early on! Great job on your first muslin. The blouse is definitely worth it!

    1. Would I sort the shoulder width out with a dart or fold on the pattern? Yes I am trying to learn about fitting. There is so much to take in though isn’t there. So I’m going slowly.

  3. I love it! I dont think you need to add too much width as it looks lovely close fitting but obviously do what youre comfortable with! Im just starting to sew and a new follower xx

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