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60s-style Chanel Jacket

January 16, 2014
60s-style Chanel Jacket

60s-style Chanel Jacket
60s-style Chanel Jacket

This is a 60s-style Chanel quilted jacket that I made by modifying a Simplicity “Retro” pattern (2154). I made it using the traditional Chanel construction methods outlined by Susan Khalje and Claire Shaeffer, in that I quilted the lining pieces to the exterior fashion fabric pieces, and then sewed the jacket together largely by hand. You can see the details in my blog post, entitled: \"Blood, Sweat, and Tears\".

  1. So beautiful! I know how much hidden work that involves, making a designer-style jacket. Hope you get to wear it often and show off your handiwork!

  2. Thanks so much, Anne. It really is a challenge, but such a sense of accomplishment when you’re done. I’ve bought black tweed for another go, so there’s a little black jacket in my future.

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