1940s Vintage Pyjamas

January 14, 2014
1940s Vintage Pyjamas

1940s Vintage Pyjamas

There are few things I love more than putting my pyjamas on after a hot bubble bath at the end of the day, historically I have never made my own. This seems odd to me as I love vintage style home wear- house coats, nighties and frilly aprons are all the kind of things I live for! I decided to remedy this before Christmas, found this Vogue pattern from the 1940s on Etsy and got cracking.

Now I must confess I did feel a little odd taking photos of myself in pyjamas, in the middle of the day, but us bloggers have to embrace these oddities.

They are super comfy and I have already worn them more than enough to have deemed them worth making. I think I will try a 1950s style pair next with the slim trousers and the baby doll top. A girl can never have too many pyjamas can she! My only complaint is not being able to wear them out of the house!

If you get a chance please do pop over to my sewing blog where I have a few more pictures and a bit more information about what I did with the pattern.

  1. You are gorgeous! Love your hair! Cute pyjamas, too! I can’t wait to see what you sew next. I sew too, but also swing dance a write a lot. Working on my novel: The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress, and a series of “vintage” ghost stories. I have a lot of sewing in the novel, but haven’t made anything for myself in ages. Hmmmmm….you are very inspiring!

  2. My goodness so cute – the pajamas are adorable but you missy are stunning! I love your choice of fabric and the baby blue color is just so sweet!

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