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Two late 1930’s dresses

December 16, 2013

It’s been about two months since I last posted anything on here…but they have been some of the busiest months I have ever experienced! I’ve been trying to set aside time for myself to sew something here and there, even if it’s just small steps to completing a project. These small time increments have fortunately proved to be a success, since I managed to complete two dresses.


The first dress is a vintage cotton, in a sort of oxblood red. It features shoulder darts, an empire waistline, and black cord-ribbon accenting (with black buttons as well). The second dress is made from an organic bamboo rayon jersey. I used a contrasting cream collar and buttons from some vintage broadcloth my grandmother gave me. It was my first time working with jersey and although not as bad as I had anticipated, I did still run into a couple of problems (mainly the stretch-stitch taking forever).

Anyway, feel free to pop on over to my blog, more details and pictures on these dresses here.

Anyone have some tips for how they work with jersey fabrics? I do not own a twin needle or walking foot sadly, but they are on my list to purchase at some point.

  1. These are both absolutely lovely! You did a fantastic job.

    Jersey tips, I don’t have a walking foot either and just try to go carefully and my machine does ok.
    Use the stretch stitch on the seams that stretch but for seams that will not have to stretch (ex. the hem in some cases) you can get away with using the regular straight stitch as long as your machine doesn’t stretch the fabric as it sews.

    1. Thanks for your tips! Glad I can go without the walking foot, those things are a bit more pricey than I’d like to spend. I luckily have a pretty high-end machine which doesn’t stretch fabric too badly (most of the time!).

  2. What pretty dresses you made. I use a common zigzag stitch a lot on knits if I do not what to bother with my serger. Very rarely do I actually use the “stretch” stitch. I find a smallish zigzag that does not swing very much to the left or right works very well . I use the Stretch stitch primarily in turtle neck seams . Love your new dresses.

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