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Festive full circle skirt

December 19, 2013
tartan circle skirt

tartan circle skirt

Seems a bit lame to post a circle skirt on here after seeing all the latest amazing vintage dresses on here. But hopefully it still counts as retro and hand made!

I really didn’t expect to get to sew much else before Christmas so I am so pleased it’s entered the wardrobe before 2014! It’s something I’ve had in mind for so long. I love what happens to the circle of tartan when it hangs like this.

And it goes without saying that it makes for a good twirl!

twirling in tartan circle skirt

I’ve been making a lot of longer, vintage length skirts recently so it made a change to wear something above the knee. More partylike, methinks!

tartan circle skirt

In case you are wondering, the boots are called Lola Ramona and are from Office. And my most favourite umbrella ever is from Love Umbrellas!

More deets and pics over at ooobop!

  1. Love it! I love my circle skirts and always love seeing how others make them. I usually make long ones, too, but I agree – the above-the-knee ones are fun, too!

  2. Hey young lady …I saw you going into the train station this morning ….i recognised you from this post …i work in Shepbush, maybe we should meet for a cuppa some day 🙂 x p.s love what you do x

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