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A 30s Christmas dress

December 30, 2013

It’s another dress inspired by the early 30s! Seems I’m pretty fond of them right now… I love this silhouette, and it’s so much fun to play around with a “new” (to me) era =)

This dress is really two separate dresses. The bottom is an interlocked jersey, sleeveless. It’s finished and can be worn on it’s own. What made me want to make this outfit was the top layer – it’s all bias cut lace. The front bodice has a high neck cowl and is pleated to the midriff piece. The back is in a single piece, also on the bias to remove the need for darts.  The skirt was made from my by now TNT bias skirt pattern, the lace made a little bit longer than the jersey.

This dress made me scratch my head for quite awhile; I didn’t want to make an opening in the lace (zipper, buttons, hooks and eyes, it all spelled disaster in this fabric) and even though the lace had some give due to the loose weave, my regular dress pattern includes a waistseam that would not have stretched. My solution:

Remove part of both bodice and skirt to create a diamond-shaped panel that was cut on the bias. I’ve not seen this exact solution in a period pattern, but different sort of panelings was common in the late 20s/early 30s.

The sleeves are the only part that’s cut on grain, my regular sleeve pattern widened to create a nice width.

This dress was fun to make, and it just took a weekend to make as both layers was sewn on the overlock. The combination of jersey and bias-cut is a nice one, as both layers moves with the body, making this a very comfortable dress I could wear all Christmas eve, during cooking, dog walking, eating a ton and even sitting down in a deep sofa =)

Click here to read about it on my blog (although I think I’ve covered most of it here ; ) )

Love, Erika

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