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November 7, 2013

This is not a post about vintage fabric or a vintage pattern project, but it is certainly inspired by vintage fashions, fabrics and patterns!   I wanted to share with you all, my most recent project.  When I started vintage sewing about five years ago, I would never have taken on a project like this!  But I have honed my skills, tried many new ideas and techniques, loved seeing what you are all up to, and had feedback and support for my sewing projects from We Sew Retro, and this is what I find myself working on, who would have thought!

Above and below are a couple of fuzzy photos of a garment, Coralline, made from plastic supermarket bags which I then re-worked and wove into a huge continuous mat.  Yes, it took me months!

I have documented the assembly process over on my blog, which has more photos of the ‘fabric’ itself.  Here’s another photo…  I’m sure you can spot the influences, I am in love with excessive Dior couture dresses, that narrow waist and massive skirt.  I also love Alexander McQueen.

I entered these garments into a fashion show, Cult Couture, which happened on Saturday night.  It was fabulous and so very exciting, as to top it off, my second entry, Hydra, won the Recycled Revolution category prize, wonderful!  Here it is, another made from re-worked plastic from bags.  This is Hydra:

Such a fabulous night, wonderful to see my creations alive on the catwalk.

Here’s another less fuzzy photo.

Enjoy! x

  1. Wow! Those are amazing. I’m in love with Coralline – and a matching shrug as well! (Is it named after the Neil Gaiman book, per chance?) And, since they are made from plastic bags, I’m assuming they are waterproof? I would consider buying both of these… Genius!
    I haven’t been sewing that long, but you’ve inspired me to think more about the types of fabrics I could use for my own projects. Thanks very much for the inspiration! I hope you win many more awards x

  2. Congratulations on your prize. These are just so beautiful and I love that they’re made from recycled fabric that you’ve also constructed yourself. Just fabulous and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

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