Daisy Buchanan inspired dress

November 13, 2013

I missed the Great Gatsby Challenge but couldn’t stop thinking about making a Daisy inspired dress. I loved all the colours Casey Mulligan wore in the movie and had some pinky prints and solids in my stash. I used the Burdastyle double layer dress pattern I had already assembled for my Downton dress but this time without adding a sash so it was more flapper-esque. Here is one of the gorgeous costumes I was inspired by, but you can see more at my blog thehollywoodsew.com





  1. Lovely dress, and much more flapper-esque than most of the outfits in the movie.

    I only watched the Great Gatsby last weekend and kept wondering why they had styled 1922 like 1930… (womenswear-wise that is. I wouldn’t know about the rest)

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