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Bullet Bra Sew Along

November 1, 2013

I recently completed the Va-Voom Vintage bullet bra sew-along! This was my first sew along and I loved it.  A bra was a great thing to start off with and Brittany’s pattern and instructions were great. I was really inspired by her collection of vintage bullet bras as well.

My first sew-along.

I added some faggoting stitch, a keyhole opening in the bridge, and some modern lingerie elastics and closure. Be aware, this girl is pointy!


  1. Wow, that looks so cool! It looks totally genuine and I love all those details. Does it fit you well? And provide a real 1950’s silhouette?
    I’ve dabbled in lingerie making and I’ve spent the odd moment looking at RTW bullet bras at the What Katie Did website, but I haven’t had the courage to try and make one yet. This is the first time I hear about this sew along. I’m going to read more about it right now!

    1. Thank you. After a few mods it fits pretty well. There is a little “bagginess” in the apex area, but I think that is what bullet bra pads are for. (I believe Brittany is planning a tutorial for those too.) With that said, it does provide a1950’s shape. I have not worn it yet, I’m a little self conscious of the “pointiness”.

  2. I absolutely LOVE making bras. I also have a large collection of vintage bras, which I use for inspiration. I have a huge rack (40 inches at the apex), so I love the fact that I can make a bra to my own size and shape specs. If your bullet bra is too bullet-y, just pinch out the extra fabric in the point, measure it, and use your French curve to alter the pattern. I would love to see the back of this garment.

    Vintage styled bras and undergarments are a MUST for vintage dressing. The old patterns are cut for a different shape than the grapefruit boob shape that is currently in fashion. Also, I think a slightly pointier silhouette makes the rest of your shape look better. Love it!

    1. Thank you for the advice. I have made a few of my own bras and have come up with a pattern that fits well. I think I would like to redraft that one into a bullet shape. You are so right, it works better with my vintage style clothing.

  3. You made that? I am so impressed! I imagine that it would be really difficult to find vintage lingerie to give you the right shape for the dresses. So clever of you to make your own 🙂

  4. Wow, it turned out beautiful!! I think you’re the only participant to do the faggot stitch, which I LOVE! The buttons and everything are beautiful! Well done! So glad that you enjoyed the sew-along!

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