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October 8, 2013

Well, I finished my second circle skirt, and actually wore it to church yesterday(I will post on it later, as I didn’t get any pictures). Man, those things are addictive! I’m already considering making a third….in corduroy! But that’s partially why I’m posting about it here, because I’m not sure that’s what I want to do with the corduroy.

This is where you come in. I can’t promise I’ll take your advice (I’m notoriously fickle), but would love your input on which I should make.



So, please comment below which you’d make if given the chance?

  1. The only thing to think about with corduroy and a circle skirt is that the ridges will go up and down at the side seam and straight across on the front and back. That said, if it’s a fine whale corduroy, it won’t be too noticeable and I do love corduroy for fall.

    I am drooling over the shaped pockets on the top pattern though!

    1. This was definitely one of my concerns. It is a fine whale corduroy, but I’m still a little nervous about it looking too bulky. The shaped pocket version is the one I wanted to make, too! I’m going to make it eventually whether it’s in corduroy or not, lol.

  2. I’ve thought about making a corduroy circle skirt, too, but my concerns are the same that Starspangledheart mentioned. You could do it in 8ths instead of halves or quarters, which would help a bit with the directionality issue.

    Yay for circle skirts! I’ve made two below-the-knee ones and one shorter one. Love!

  3. I’d do the top pattern since corduroy has lots of body and the pocket detail would really show up well. I’d make sure it was a finer wale cord for a full skirt otherwise it might be too heavy and drape awkwardly.

  4. I don’t have an answer for you, but I have a question! I want to make my first circle skirt, preferably something a little warm for fall. I want to to have a little volume, to flair out a bit, while not being too fancy. What fabric would you suggest?

    1. Hi Rox, in your case, I’d recommend a wool fabric. Wools are warm and lovely to sew with. For a circle skirt, suiting would work well because it’s stable and has enough body to give it volume.
      If it’s flair you’re after, rather than volume crepe can be nice too. Be careful with tweeds and crepes though. Some of those are very loosely woven and stretch a lot on the bias. That could be a problem for a circle skirt.

      1. Something I’ve been considering is a true to vintage felt circle skirt. My pattern even suggests felt. You also have the added benefit of it not fraying at all. I also would like to eventually make a quilted circle skirt, which was also a very popular way to keep warmer. I own a vintage quilted circle skirt, and will be using it as my example. If you bought pre-quilted material it would be a lot easier, but I think pre-quilted is overpriced. Also underlining is a great way to keep any loosely woven material from fraying and stretching as much. Hope this helps.

  5. And to answer the question: In corduroy, I would make the first skirt. In the version with the pockets. Like other commenters mentioned, the whale and nap of corduroy could cause trouble for a circle skirt and the it’s a fairly bulky fabric. All those things make the fabric less suitable for your circle skirt pattern, and great for the first one with the interesting pockets.

    1. It is a fine whale, but those were some of my concerns. I had found some really cute shorter circle skirts on pinterest, and they just looked so cute, but I’m leaning towards the other skirt, too.

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