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Thanksgiving Dress, McCall’s 6473

October 22, 2013

As mentioned in my recent Autumn Apron post, here is a post dedicated to my Thanksgiving dress.  I used McCalls 6473 from 1962 – it’s been in the pattern stash for years and I’d always been curious to try it.

McCalls 6473

I used a piece of burnt orange/rust silk dupioni that was also from stash that I’ve been itching to use because I think it’s just so beautiful.  It’s also a really smooth dupioni, it would even be quite smooth for a shantung.


Even though I ran into a couple of little hiccups (detailed in my blog post) and might do a couple of things differently if I make this again (I’m feeling pretty keen right now to try it in wool for winter!) I really enjoyed making this and am very pleased with how it turned out.  I’m really liking the crossover detail on the front – and the opportunity it provides to use BIG buttons! lol  I think in my next version I’ll tweak the pattern a bit so as to accommodate even BIGGER buttons, heehee!


I did actually cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner while wearing this dress, and everything was fine thanks to my trust new apron.  I love when I can make a special dress/outfit for holidays, it just makes me feel all the more festive, somehow.


More photos and info on my blog.  I hope you’ll stop by!




  1. That is beautiful!! Such a lovely color, especially on you. That is a really neat dress pattern. I really like the crossover detail. Getting to use big buttons is so fun!

  2. Thank you! If you follow my blog (no shameless self-promotion there at all, no) you’ll be sure to see if/when I make a wool version; I do hope I manage it.

  3. Lovely dress, lovely color on you! Now I’m inspired to make a dress for our Thanksgiving in November!

  4. This turned out SO beautiful! I have been eyeing the silk bolts every time I am in the fabric store, but I have been sort of a wuss to try anything with it. This dress just might inspire me to go for it. That fabric is so gorgeous, and it worked well in the pattern style you chose.

    Did you use any lining or interfacing in this dress? I have always worried that dupioni needs stabilizing….

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