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Stormy TikiColada Circle Skirt

October 31, 2013

Hi all and happy Halloween!

Here is a circle skirt I made recently to add to my summer wardrobe, They fabric is a hawaiian Rayon/cotton blend, and it’s got lovely airy movement!

I was really drawn to the colours and the stormy feel. It’s a little shorter than I wanted, owing to the fact that the store only had 2 metres left and I had to try and make the fabric directions match up as much as I could nby making two half circles and sewing them together, I may just have enough left for a matching simple string top, we’ll see.

Please excuse the flip flops, it’s VERY hot here at the moment in Perth

  1. This turned out really good! I am obsessed with Hawaiian prints for summer, but I haven’t yet made anything with it. Maybe for next year.

    Also, I have been exploring drafting circle (and half and three quarter circle) skirts. They are not difficult to draft, but you have to give for waist circumference when you cut a skirt that is not a full circle. You will also have to adjust the length at the bottom. It’s such a versatile skirt!

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