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October 11, 2013

This year for Halloween, I’m hoping to make a 1920s flapper-style dress, preferably something I can wear again.  I’ve been looking around for inexpensive pattern options, and stumbled across Mrs. Depew’s patterns on Etsy.  After doing a search for pattern reviews, I only found reviews for her lingerie, bras, and bathing suits.  Has anyone made one of her dresses?  Was it complicated to do so without a printed pattern?  I would love to read a review if someone has posted one!

Here are the two dresses I am considering:

Option 1:

Option 2 (not exactly flapper, but so pretty!)

Thank you for your help!

  1. I have used her patterns in numerous occasions but only slips and lingerie items. I am a huge fan of them , she is great with communication and would be happy to take any emailed questions you may have. There is also many resources on her blog if you have not already read it. I really love the 1930s evening gown but either one would be fabulous. Good luck!

    1. I would like additional instruction on the bodice for pattern 1124. I’ve drafted patterns before, and my pieces look just like the small version from the download. I’ve cut the pieces in several types of fabric and cannot get the shape to resemble the illustration.

    2. Mrs Depew, after reading the reviews I feel that I must be doing something wrong. I bought the pdf version and my pattern came out in 70 Pages from the printer and some of the pages didn’t even have marks on them. I assumed that they would fit together in a row and then I would go to the next row and so on and so on until I had the complete pattern. I just got finished putting pattern number 3062 together but it took me almost a week. If you have any tips for me for in the future I would really appreciate it because I love your designs and I would like to buy more patterns. Thank you for your time

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