All the new styles for spring 1960

October 31, 2013

For the past two years or so, I’ve been collecting vintage sewing- and fashion magazines. I love them for inspiration. Easiest to find (and cheapest) are ladies’ magazines. So, I’ve got several volumes of those (people would save these weekly magazines and have them bound per year). Not only do these magazines include knitting patterns (which I’ve never used myself. I’m a very slow and un-accomplished knitter), they also feature sewing patterns which could be ordered (they’re not included, unfortunately), the occasional simple sewing project which is you can draft yourself following the scale diagrams in the magazine and the weekly fashion report. I like reading what people at the time thought of the trends, and to find out which of those stuck in our collective memory.

From the mid-1950’s onwards, ladies’ magazine Libelle cooperated with sewing magazine Regina-Mode and a fabric manufacturer to organize a fashion show each season. The show would tour the country (the Netherlands, that is) for several weeks to allow the magazine’s readers and their friends to see the new fashion for themselves. A new fashion adapted to her needs and wishes because all the designs on display would be available as sewing patterns through either of the participating magazines that season. Included in the show would be designs for women of all ages, all sizes and all stages in life. From housecoats to evening dresses, from raincoats to maternity wear and from a modest, slimming suit for the older lady to a wedding dress.

Because the designs were printed in the magazine as well, I’m able to show you some of the outfits which were presented to visitors of the spring 1960 Libelle fashion show.

I hope you’ll enjoy them:


The two pictures above are actually from the same pattern. It’s a beach dress with a separate over-skirt.


If you would like to get even more of a taste of the world of a 1960’s ladies’ magazine, go over to my blog where I’ve translated part of an article about the style of Dutch women and the fashion show.

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