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a flounce dress

October 19, 2013

Earlier this month, I got pretty intrigued by a particular kind of early 1950’s dress design. The dress-with-flounce (click on the picture to go to my blog post about those).

vintage inspiration

It made me decide to try and draft a dress like this.

Pretty soon, I realized that this inspiration dress had to have a double front skirt with the bottom one being plain and straight. I wanted my skirt to be one piece so the flounce would provide walking ease. And more room for movement if possible.

And then, my first design turned out to be too large for my chosen fabric (a cotton flannel with a small white-on-black check). So, I went back to the drawing board and designed a less fabric consuming bodice.

This is the final result. I’m really happy with the dress although I think I’ll need to make a half slip for it (the skirt sticks to my stockings, just a bit but just enough to be annoying).

For these pictures, I quite enjoyed playing dress-up and finishing off the look with heels, seamed stockings and vintage gloves, handbag and hat.

For even more pictures and story, go to my blog (by clicking the picture above)

P.S. From this dress and my introduction, you may get the impression that I always make things by copying a particular vintage picture. In fact, these are the only two cases of that to date. Usually, my inspiration is more all-over-the-place.

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