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1970s Handkerchief Hippy Top

October 9, 2013

The last time I made this top I’d used a vintage polycotton bed sheet and it turned out to be disappointingly stiff and unflattering but this  emerald green sari silk (surplus from my military maxi waistcoat lining) turned out just right.

The 1976 pattern –  Simplicity 7569 – was fantastically easy to follow . View 2 only consists of  two pieces and it’s ready to wear in a couple of hours.

I’ll be raiding the Indian fabric stall on the market for more lightweight material, these tops will be perfect for my travels in India later this year.

  1. Between the silk and the pictures, that top seems absolutely lovely. But the fabric totally makes or breaks that pattern–I actually made it up (my first vintage sewing excursion) a few years ago in bright yellow cotton broadcloth with a light, almost tie-dyed pattern. I looked a slightly stiff yellow duck. But yours really came out beautifully!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! A fabulous pattern but you’re right, the fabric makes it. Definitely needs something lightweight which is good, our local market sells gauzy sari fabric for 50p a metre! x

  2. Most of my stash is quilting cotton. I have a similar pattern, and so decided to sew it up in my favorite little piece of pink cotton paisley, with just enough left for the tie belt featured on the pattern. The pattern said, “Only takes one yard!” It was thrillingly easy, but the results were disappointing. I forgot about the drape problem of cotton, I forgot to allow for my D cup issue, and I forgot how tall I was, how long my arms are and that I always have to lengthen things. Hard to imagine how the word “boxy” could describe a top with those pointed hems, but there it was! Tall, buxom women might want to buy a little extra fabric to lengthen, and do like you did – chose some silky material. Back in the day, I used to see these made up in silk scarves – that must have been even easier because they come already hemmed. Your stunning, graceful green blouse (just the right length!) should give inspiration to those who want to try this pattern.

    1. Thanks, Francie. I think slippery, silky fabric is definitely the way to go. I did toy with a trim but once I tacked it into place it affected the flow of the garmand and off it went! x

  3. So fab! as always from the Vintage Vixen herself! I bought some lime fabric online which i thought was more apple coloured and I was really considering chucking it cause of the brightness, but i think ill sew something now – lime is very 60s/70s i guess?

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