Vintage Sewing


September 23, 2013

I decided earlier this summer that I needed to sew more skirts and blouses. I love how easy it is to wear separates. Still, I’m slow to follow-through. The Completion of my latest sewing projects only reaffirms my earlier notion. 

There’s a mash-up of eras represented in this ensemble: the fabrics are contemporary, the skirt pattern is from the 70’s, the blouse pattern is from the 50’s, and, my best guess is, the buttons are from the 40’s. 

Hopefully, I’ll be a smarter sewer and make more of what works for me in the future. What SHOULD you be sewing? Are you? There’s more pictures and pattern links: HERE.



  1. I would snap this blouse up if I saw it in a shop, and that’s really saying something for me – I am so picky! The delicate plaid was a brilliant choice: it keeps the twee factor of the bow from becoming overwhelming, and emphasizes the taper down to the waist. And I’m a sucker for those ’30s-’40s buttons.

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