back in black skirt

September 12, 2013

Over the summer, I made a black skirt from a 1970s pattern that at least at one time was my mother’s. So far it’s been a great basic for a college girl who likes to pretend she goes to school in an earlier time.

It’s very simple, just a four-gore A-line skirt. It’s so simple that I actually made the entire thing without the instructions, on account of the fact that the instruction sheet took a walk around the house. The only thing is that I messed up somehow and the skirt part wound up larger than the waistband so there’s two little pleats at the top that are my I’m-fixing-my-oops issue. I got rid of the patch pockets of the original skirt pattern and then considered adding in-seam pockets. I decided against because I was lazy and didn’t want to go through the trouble of trying to figure them out.

I have more info and pictures on my blog here!

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