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September 10, 2013
Button Booty

Thanks to Del at Curlsnskirls I have found you and YOU have helped me feel not so weird! Thank you. The view of another’s collection of booty in their boot (trunk) is heart warming. Did think I may be the only one with such desires!

My latest is vintage haberdashery which in the coming weeks is being made into creations for a London Vintage Fair and hope you will be kindly critical friends to help me stay true to the vintage voyage.

BUTTONS, how many can one woman need? In my opinion no figure can be put on this quite frankly, I share with you a recent bender, the delicious little orbs sat on my bed beyond photographing for my pleasure but in order to protect my much valued marriage I did put them away by bedtime!

    1. Uh Ha! Buttons! Every shape, colour, size, texture. Dangit they are like beautiful little sweeties ….. Do you love all haberdashery as much? I do … Wooden cotton reels, vintage trim and lace. Oh no I’d better stop before I have to go spread out my booty for yet another viewing! Thanks for the comment. X

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