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Accidental Field Of Poppies

September 13, 2013

In a bid to get my hands on GENUINE vintage fabric, not looky likey pretend vintage-esque I have been trawling the internet and charity shops like a secret stash stalker! Uh Ha! Yep …. You know what I mean, saw you in there as well while I was a snooping!

Anyways, I digress (not much new there then) internet has yeilded two curtains from different places on different days but both arrived yesterday, apart from being utterly lush I must be attracted to poppies right now, purely accidental and I had forgotton about the bright red 70’s door curtain so when I saw it I really did squeal with delight.

My business head in prep for the Vintage Fair in November is saying beautiful cushion covers, very saleable as Christmas gift BUT the eldest daughter (because everything I buy must be for her or her sister even though hey are 23 and 19!)….. Oh Mumma, can you make me a 50’s skirt in that fabric it’s wicked!

Dilemma, it is wicked, it would look great as a 50’s skirt BUT it wont’t earn me any money!!!!! What is a mother to do?

CUSHIONS …. Make some money ~ let her sink herself up to her neck in charity shop offerings and find her own fabric! Do hope I have your support in my bullish position dear reader?

The other poppies has a maker name so am set to research as I can’t quite place the era but they have he feel and look of 40’s or even earlier.

I plan to share my makes with you once
1. Decisions made
2. Grappled fabric away from daughter
3. Husband fed and watered to avoid unwanted interludes
4. Found an extra hour in the day

Welcome any ideas, comments, suggestions for makes etc. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read. Have a great day.

  1. Absolutely every barkcloth curtain I take home becomes a shirt for my husband even though I have every intention of making a dress/skirt/cushions so know exactly how your life is! My suggestion would be – make the skirt, let her wear it a while and then transform said skirt into cushion covers – two problems in one solved! Hope you like my suggestion and I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to make.

    1. Although my preference is always fashion over functional items, I’m with Michelle! A 50s dirndl skirt would be so cute and would have the smallest possible number of seams. Should be easy to make cushion covers with it later.

    2. Michelle and Gabriella, I think this is a great diplomatic solution, especially given she does entertain me when I want to go on a shopathon. Better explained in my blog where I literally drag the poor girl round Walthamstow purely to carry my bags and offer up oooo’s and ahhhh’s and the appropriate moment!

      May even bring a smile to your face when you have time in your busy world
      Thank you for your excellent suggestion

  2. Kids get enough these days, you worked for it, you get the reward. This actually might encourage your daughter to look too and this could be a way of spending time together. Better that then having it handed to her after all YOUR work!

  3. Keep the fabric for yourself to do with as you please. Tell your daughter that you and she will search for another fabric that she loves and that you will then teach her to sew her own circle skirt.

    1. Lillian and Paloverde

      I HEAR YOU!!!!! We do rather give way to our off spring and if this were my youngest I would defo go with you on this as she is still in silly billy phase but as mentioned above the eldest has suffered greatly at my hands so I opt for the diplomatic approach and go skirt to later be up-cycled again to cushions. Thank you for helping me refocus on which of the girls actually have earned the reward! X

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