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Two Mid-century-style Dresses

August 24, 2013


This is my first contribution to We Sew Retro.  I’ve been sewing casually since I was a teenager, but only decided that I wanted to get “serious” in the past year or so.  This month I’ve finished two dresses that I like.

I made the first from the “Sweetheart Sundress” pattern in Gertie’s book.  I added a circle skirt instead of a gathered one, and it’s made from some kind of textured cotton.  The collar and straps feel like a cotton/poly blend.

I made the second dress from my own pattern, using a sloper adapted from the book “Built By Wendy Dresses.”  I learned how to match up the stripes to form a chevron (without collapsing in tears of frustration) from this post.

I played around with the darts a bit to make them disappear into the design of the chevron, and  I added a side zipper so the back would match up neatly, too.

And because headless photos are weird and unsettling, here’s a photo of my sweetheart and me celebrating our first anniversary…I’m wearing the black and white dress, so you can see a bit of it peeking out.

Happy sewing, all!









  1. Welcome! And happy anniversary.

    I’m glad you’ve moved from a casual sewer to addicted now.. your dresses look stunning.

    I’m about to make up a dress similar to the black and white one with a circle skirt – it’s drapes so nicely, I am quite inspired by your work!

  2. Wow & Wow! They are both lovely & you totally rock both looks. You obviously have a great eye and skills. I look forward to seeing more inspirational sewing.

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