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August 28, 2013
Faux Liberty Macaron11


Faux Liberty Macaron1


Faux Liberty  Macaron10

This is my dress for The Sew Weekly Reunion challenge – a Colette Patterns Macaron. The Sew Weekly is (was) probably one of my favourite sewing blogs. I started reading it when it was just Mena writing and talking about her weekly sewing adventures, and then she opened up the weekly sewing challenge to 4 other lovely sewing ladies and it got even better. Sadly, The Sew Weekly ladies stopped posting as their lives, schedules and commitments changed, and my weekly burst of sewing inspiration was no longer.  Until…

They came back, baby! And they invited anyone and everyone along for the ride.

Faux Liberty Macaron3
Faux Liberty Macaron7
Faux Liberty Macaron4
I actually ended up having to completely underline the main body floral fabric. I bought this online (my first time buying fabric online) and it claimed to be cotton lawn, but really, it’s far too loose a weave to be lawn. It almost looks like muslin (or cheese cloth for those who call it that!). So, while we’re talking about this floral, doesn’t it look a little like a Liberty print? Well, I think so, so I’ve dubbed this dress the Faux Liberty Macaron 🙂
I love this pattern so much and am kicking myself for not making it sooner. For more photos and dress construction information, please head on over to my blog Jennifer Lauren Vintage.

Are any of you participating in the Sew Weekly Reunion challenge?



  1. Lovely dress and love the red tights with it! Quick little tip for you though since I noticed your darts on the upper back bubble a bit at their tips. If you sew to the end of the dart, then stop and hand knot the ends, they don’t bubble for some reason. Read that somewhere and it works- I just forget to do it half the time.

  2. Oh this dress looks lovely on you! I haven’t heard about this sewing competition, so I don’t participate to it to answer you ^^.
    Thanks Deb for the tips, I didn’t know it!

  3. I wonder if it’s a linen-cotten blend? I have some fabric that looks like a lawn from a distance but is a looser weave that is linen/cotton.

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