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Petra Dress

August 11, 2013

Oh wow…. I just realized I never posted this!

I’ve been working on quite a bit in the past month or so (making a total of 4 garments) and this is the first of the 4.

This dress might look a little familiar… that’s because it’s a modern adaptation of a 60s Pierre Cardin dress! I love his stuff and often wish I had most of it, so I self-drafted this pattern and sewed it.


Pierre Cardin dress.

Bonus: Mine has inside pockets!


I’m working on getting some of my dresses into PDF form available for purchase/download in 2014.

This one may end up being one of them!

  1. This is amazing! It looks great on you, like it was designed for your body and personality. I always have trouble when garments that I love don’t fit me the way I imagine they would.

  2. Love to see the color – block – look on someone looking so pretty in it! Cute earrings, bangles and teal shoes to go with. I like the idea of a princess- style -shaped – color – block instead of the straight up and down shift with big patches like we saw back in the sixties. Which can make an hourglass figure boxy – looking. I’ll try this – thanks for the idea!

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