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July 2, 2013

This was one of those dresses that went from idea to cutting to finishing all in the same day. My baby sister (she’s 14 and I am … in my thirties) was visiting and we found out that one of the local boutiques was holding a 1950s themed event. I had plenty of things to choose from to wear but Molly needed something too! I used the Simplicity 3815 with V neck adaptation that I did last year – since I had to make this in one day (no time for alterations!) we just had her try on everything in my closet to find what fit! The 3815 is a good choice because it comes together VERY fast – it’s only four main pattern pieces plus two facings. Love it! We delved into my not inconsiderable fabric stash and came up with this vintage sheet to use for the project. The colors are great, and the best thing about those percale sheets is that you almost never need to iron them.

Here is Molly all styled with one of my crinoline petticoats and belt… a must for this style of dress. The one thing we weren’t too happy about were the sleeves, somehow the sleeve/shoulder area was sort of overbearing on her. Once she had the dress on we fiddled around with some pins and came up with a quick and easy fix that Molly is pleased with: a series of pleats along the seamline to rein in the excess material. Which I’m going to have to try on one of my own dresses soon!

It would take somebody pretty special to get me to violate my rule about sewing for others┬ábut my sister definitely rates a homemade dress! I think I have successfully recruited her to the Cult of Vintage now…


  1. very cute! you have done great job and your sister looks like briliant! i wish i found sheets like these, great print

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