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Operation Suprise

July 6, 2013

Happy Independence Day Everyone!! (well now it’s a bit late because I didn’t get my picture up in time)

This year I decided to make a dress for the 4th. M was going to take me to Community Days to walk around and then Saturday are the fireworks but we watch them from the roof. I didn’t tell M what I was making and only gave him hints over three days. I sent him a picture of the fabric, told him the pattern was from 1939 and then told him it was a dress. I used Du Barry 2347B from 1939  and made it with short sleeves. I love the dress. It’s light and airy because of the seersucker fabric which was a blessing because it was sooo humid at the fair. I took 6″ off the hem because I’m so short and I had to hack off almost 4″ on the sleeves because they were too long. I will have to redo the buttons because I bought 5/8″ buttons instead of 3/4″ and it makes a huge difference with the bound buttonholes.  I went to Joann’s to get the new buttons and because of their Independence Day sale I also walked away with a curved ruler that includes a French Curve and Hip curve plus instructions on how to alter patterns. The dress needed five bound buttonholes in the front and then it had a side zip too. To complete the outfit I wore a belt my grandmother gave me and my WW2 weekend hat with a navy sash tied around it. I love that hat, it is going to be my go to hat for everything I think. I have fabric to make this up again but with long sleeves and maybe it’ll get done before I go to England for a semester.
The Scoop:

Fabric: I don’t know the specifics but it was from JoAnn’s and it’s 100% Cotton I think it was in the shirting section
Pattern: DuBarry 2347B
Year: 1939
Notions: Zipper and 5 Buttons
Hours: Four days of off and on sewing
First worn?: July 4th 2013
Wear again?: Yes
Make again?: Yes, but I’m going to make it with long sleeves and in purple flannel but I’m sure I’ll make it with short sleeves again it’s such an easy style to wear

Total cost: Pattern $7 Fabric $12.12 First set of Buttons $1.24 Second set of Buttons $6.00 and Zipper $2.49 Total coming to $28.85
  1. Love your dress 🙂 How adorable! Also! I bought that ruler @ their sale this week too! It is amazing!

  2. Wow, I think that is the same fabric I used for a girl’s dress, shown below. That was hard fabric to sew well. Amazing you made such a complicated pattern with it. Good Job!

  3. This is awesome! I love DuBarrys and this is my favorite time period (1930’s-1940’s). Your dress is adorable, and I love seeing them “brought to life”!

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