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Bombshell Bikini

July 21, 2013

I know everyone has been making the bombshell suit, and I’m no different. I made it a little different than most people have, by making viw C, the high waisted bikini. For the halter top, I used McCall’s 5400. These are both modern patterns, so this can easily be made by anyone. Even though this is the most “modest” bikini I have, I feel the sexiest in this. This is a very fun pattern to make, and if you’ve been on the fence I highly recommend you try it out. It seems to be universally flattering. More photos and info can be found in my blog, Dapper Duds

  1. Oh I love it!

    What with all the excitement about the bombshell swimsuit, I didn’t realise there is a V3 with high waisted shorts – I’m going to make this up for summer.

    Thanks for sharing, it looks great.

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