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A dress for the beach

July 31, 2013

Since I’ve spent quite a lot of time at the beach lately I got the idea that it would be nice to have something pretty to wear when you’re having a break from swimming and play with a frisbee for example. or when you yourself has finished swimming but your kid haven’t and you walk around at the water edge. Or you can put it this way: An invented need is also a need 🙂
So hubby and I went to a fabric store and I bought the red polka dot fabric. The blue fabric, the ric-rac and the buttons I already had. The buttons are from the Salvation Army and probably from the 70s.
My inspiration was play suits and beach wear from the 1940s, as you can probably see, but I used patterns I had made myself. It turned out a little big, but my main concern with this dress was not to show of my figure, but to make something comfortable, so that’s okay. And pretty.

Posing in the sun on my balcony


There are more pictures over at my blog.

  1. I made my own – or rather modified a dress pattern that I made for a black wool dress that I wore to my dad’s funeral (that dress had much less cleavage and no bows).

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