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1950s Inspired Wedding Dress

July 11, 2013

Last year, my newly engaged friend sent me a picture of an adorable 50s tea length dress and asked if I knew anyone that could recreate it for her upcoming wedding, or if I would be able to. At that point, I still hadn’t used many patterns, and I had never fitted anyone other than me for a dress. So my first reaction was, there’s no way I’m experienced enough yet to make such an important dress! However, I absolutely fell in love with the dress she had chosen, and I just had a strong urge to say yes anyway to challenge myself, and so I did.

The dress she wanted had a simple, sleeveless, fitted bodice with a scoop neck and low V back. The full tea length skirt was made with box pleats, which I love to use and knew I could do for sure, it was just getting a lovely fit on the bodice that had me a bit nervous. I started with a Retro Butterick pattern as a kind of base for the bodice and altered it a lot from there. It probably would have been easier to create a bodice pattern myself from scratch, but I haven’t gotten that far yet!

There were some ups and downs overall, but I was pleased with the end result, as was she!

Many more details and pics on my blog here. 🙂

  1. What a **lovely** dress!
    You did a marvelous job for your friend, and her beaming smile shows just how pleased she was to have you create her heart’s desire.
    Congratulations & well done, you!

  2. That is amazing, and you did an outstanding job. It is gorgeous!! The detail is wonderful, and the finishing is flawless.

  3. Yes!! what everyone else said. And congratulations to you for being brave and going for it. Clearly both you and your friend are winners : )

  4. That came out so nice! I decided to make my tea length dress for my wedding reception, and probably didn’t have the quite the skill level I should have to undertake it. But I did it and it was beautiful and that’s what got me back into sewing and to start up my sewing blog! Well done in your dress! It’s stunning and fits her perfectly!

  5. This dress is so beautiful! You did a lovely job on it. I have been dying to re-create some 50’s wedding gowns they are just so beautiful! After seeing your post I may give it a try in the near future! 🙂

  6. Very well done! You are right, it is a beautiful, elegant dress; I love the box pleats, too. Your friend has very good taste.

    I made a wedding dress for a friend of mine, simple like this one but with a full-length skirt of bias panels and a fitted bodice. It was nerve-wracking! When it came out well I was so cocky I made the same dress, in golden yellow, for myself as the matron of honor. I gotta say when I look at the photos today, I’m impressed with how beautiful we both were! (Of course, we were also about 20 years younger…)

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