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Vogue 8789 in red Thai silk

June 3, 2013

I made this dress with hand-woven Thai silk my husband brought back from a trip. This pattern was surprisingly simple for Vogue! My very first time making a dress without a single hitch. I raised the neckline and lined it with muslin. The pattern also wanted me to do some funky thing with an internal belt, but I ignored it. The pattern wanted me to make a cummerbund as well. I hated how it turned out, so I used a belt instead.

  1. Gorgeous! I love the style and the color! And it’s nice to hear about a not-too-difficult Vogue dress, I’m still kind of intimidated by Vogue patterns.

  2. Lovely! Thai silk is a dream to work with.
    I believe the internal belt is your waist stay. A lot of full skirted dresses call for them to keep the weight of the skirt from pulling your bodice down. It shouldn’t be a problem with the Thai silk, it’s usually quite lightweight. If you decide to make this dress again in something heavier, you may want to put it in.
    Here’s an easier way to put one in from Tasia at Sewaholic:

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