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Vintage-inspired Dress Out of Old Curtains

June 27, 2013

This dress is both thrifty and fashionable 🙂 I bought this left-over curtain material from a flea market for 3 Euros and drafted up this vintage-inspired concoction.

I’ve recently been obsessing over vintage drafting manuals and have tried various kimono + gusset shapes to make a variety of close-fitting kimono-sleeved tops and dresses. This dress has kimono sleeves with gusset-like panels underneath the arms that shape into princess seams. I have a schematic of this on my blog if this explanation didn’t quite make sense. 🙂

The skirt is cut out of 4 rectangles and pleated. This was the only way I could squeeze out a somewhat voluminous skirt out of the little fabric I had. At the back I cut a V-shaped neckline.

I love this dress and the neon pink flowers of the material. It’s such a happy, summery dress 🙂

For more pics and infos, you can visit my blog.

Happy Vintage Sewing!

  1. The hillllllllls are aliiiiive! This reminds me of the fantastic scene in The Sound of Music when Maria cuts up curtains to make outfits for the kids. I’ve always wanted to try it. This looks great!

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