Simplicity 3673

June 10, 2013

So another WW2 Weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum has come and gone. This year it fell over M’s Birthday so I treated him to tickets to the event.

I made Simplicity 3673 for the event. I bought a reproduction pattern cheap on Etsy and I don’t think I’ll buy from the seller again. The directions were not complete and some of the lines on the pattern that should have been traced with a straight edge were not so I had to take time to fix them. Beside that the pattern wasn’t too difficult. The shorts were ok in size I just cut off 2″ of the top so they wouldn’t be soo high waisted. The top needed to be larger by one size (2″) so I split the front pattern and back pattern in half and added a 1/2″ to each. This worked wonderfully and I didn’t even need to change the position of the darts. The shorts closed with 3 cute red buttons with anchors on them on each side, I did hand-worked button holes on the top button and machine sewed the other two. The top closed with an invisible zipper and I trimmed the collar in red. The sailor collar was the only thing that gave me any real trouble but between the mock up and the real thing I figured it out. I would add an inch to the bottom of the top when I make it up again because it was a little too short to stay tucked in during the even but it still looked cute when I had it untucked too. While at the event we got lots of compliments. M looked very handsome in his outfit. I was told I needed an overseas cap for my outfit so I will be buying Mrs. Depew’s Flight Cap pattern in the near future to make one up. At a stand in the flee market a vender gifted me with a 1945 Christmas catalog from Filene’s Department Store because no one else wanted it. I plan on trying to figure out how to scan my new catalog for all of you to see soon. I also walked away with two patterns this year. (M kept saying the tradition was one but the other was only $3.50 so I couldn’t just leave it there) They are Hollywood 1898 Circa 1946 and Butterick 8315 Circa 1939. They will have to wait as I have lots of other projects to do before them but I am very happy to have them in my collection. I finally found a vintage hat that I liked and it was a steal at $15.

The Scoop:
Fabric: Sew Classic Bottomweight Stretch Sateen in Medieval Blue (I used the wrong side of the fabric as the right side so it didn’t shine) 97% Cotton 3% Spandex

Pattern: Simplicity 3673

Year: 1941
Notions: 6  red buttons with Anchors at 3/4″, red trim, bias binding for the seams and an invisible zipper
Hours: 4 days of off and on work including fixing the pattern and doing a full mock-up of the top
First worn?: June 8th 2013 for WWII Weekend
Wear again?: Yup! It’s cute and comfortable. I can wear it as an everyday item and not just for WW2 events
Make again?: I think I’ll make the shorts again and I might make the top again in a thin wool with long sleeves to wear in the winter. There is a matching shirt to the pattern and I might make that up one day too.

Total cost: $39.97 Even thought it was a little costly I paid with all of my supplies with a gift card except for $0.65.  Plus I still have one and a half spools of red trim left, fabric for another project, buttonhole thread and some bias binding.

  1. Was it the WWII Air show in Reading Pa. you attended ? My husband went to it, and said I would have liked it because there where a lot of people in 40’s dress ( and a vintage flea market too? ) . Your sailor play suit is adorable.

  2. This is adorable – well done! Remember to leave feedback for that transaction on etsy so other shoppers know what they might be getting themselves into. I feel awkward giving less than stellar feedback but it’s a public service really.

  3. Wonderful job!! Looking at the two of you makes me want to spend an evening watching “Mrs. Miniver” on the sofa with my hubby…

  4. Thanks everyone! Gail it was the WW2 show in Reading Pa. The flea-market is great and lots of people dress up but some wear 1950’s stuff which sometimes confuses other visitors.

  5. I bought the same pattern and the lines were so light that it was hard to see but I see how cute it turned out so I will give it a try.

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