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Lobster Dress

June 12, 2013

I fell in love with this Michael Miller lobster print the moment I set eyes on it. I don’t even know why, since I don’t really care for seafood, but it was so obnoxious I had to have it. For the dress I used Vogue 8811 – this was my first Vintage Vogue, in fact it was my first Vogue pattern period!

The pattern came together fairly quickly and easily, even though I decided to make it harder on myself and line the bodice. I did an invisible zipper by hand and made a belt to match, both of which used to scare me silly! I also hand-stitched the hem – and that is a LOT of hem – while I was sitting by the pool for my kids’ swim lessons today. It was fun because people kept asking me what I was making.

I’m so jealous of those of you who show lovely photos of your creations! I don’t have anyone that can photograph me well, don’t have a decent backdrop, and don’t look good in most photos anyway. However, I think you can see what a fun dress this will be. I can’t wait to wear it on our vacation to Florida next month! And now the wheels are turning, I want to make six or seven more of this pattern in more obnoxious novelty prints.

  1. Absolutely gorgeous, I love how the lobsters look on the bias. They’re really nasty creatures, but they sure look great on a dress!

  2. That is fabulous! Looks like you did an excellent job! I love taking handwork out and about. People are always fascinated by it.
    I hope your next dresses turn out as well as this one!

  3. I keep looking at that pattern and wondering how it would look made up. I like it so much better than in the envelope drawings, and it looks cool and comfortable. The lobsters are so funny-just don’t get sunburned and wear it, the lobster jokes would be unending!

  4. I too love the kitschy lobster/seafood prints! They are super festive ( I’d never eat seafood! ) the dress is adorable too. I’d love to see a wiggle dress in a tomato print.

  5. I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a while, but have never sewn Vintage Vogue either–it’s nice to see what it looks like made up and on a real person. And the lobsters are awesome!

  6. Love it! Funnily enough I just rediscovered some huge plastic lobster earrings I bought a few years back for a “tacky tiki” party.

  7. That is great. It certainly takes the award for Best Use of a Lobster Print in a Dress You Can Actually Wear!

    If you make more novelty dresses with this pattern, you could easily change them up a little and still stay true to period by altering the neckline to a shallow V or boatneck. I certainly look forward to seeing more of your efforts!

  8. It looks fantastic, and I’m really pleased to see it as I’ve recently bought that pattern myself. It looks great on you – and as for photos I’ve recently discovered my little point and shoot camera has got a self timer setting, and they come out surprisingly well. Although you DO feel a bit daft doing it!

  9. I LOVE that dress! It looks like you did a fantastic job. That fabric is just soooo cute and with your red shoes, you look fabulous.

  10. Joni, I love this dress more than I can possibly say with words. It makes me want to run, get in the car, drive down to Joann’s just so I can have the pattern, and then come home and start cutting! The lobsters, the belt, the SHOES! perfect. All of it.

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