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40’s baby sunsuit

June 17, 2013

A friend cleaned out their old family home and gifted me with the patterns she found.  This is the oldest, note no markings on the patterns.  From a day when everyone sewed and knew what to do!  : )

The good stuff on the back…

I like this pattern because of the wider shorts like legs.  More comfy for chubby baby thighs.  The back needed elastic and the straps were long, so I made them adjustable.  Here it is part way done being modeled for adjustments.  I sewed up the sides for this, to make sure it was OK before adding snaps and that gave me the idea to make a second one without snaps.

And the finished sunsuit…

And the second sample…

What do you think?  Snaps or no snaps?

  1. Love them both, if my girl was that little still I would go for the snaps one as it would just be that much easier to take off or change a nappy. You should make and sell them on Etsy!

  2. These are adorable! I’ve been wanting to find a pattern for one of these that wasn’t super girly so I can make a few for my little boy.

    1. Yes, Evie, that is what I liked too, the wider legs make it more boy. Would you like me to draw off a copy for you? It should be copyright free at this point.

      1. Evie, any chance I could get a copy too pretty please?! I’ve been searching and searching for one just like this for my 6 month old as it’s coming into summer.
        Let me know and thank you for sharing!!

  3. I think that you would be happier with snaps. I have a bag that just ties like the red suit, and those ties work themselves loose like you wouldn’t believe, and always at the worst possible time!

  4. Oh wow, Erika, thanks for that tip. I have made the tie straps on several items and not had any negative feedback. I tried D-rings which did not work at all. Now that I posted, I think the snaps look more finished but I was thinking simple on off when I did the red one. Thanks! Isn’t it awesome to get tips like this?

    1. I struggle with the snaps between the legs idea. I get it, but with my kids it seemed they were always busting out of the snaps and the overalls or romper hanging open between their legs. Then there is the whole issue of trying to change a poopy diaper and keeping the clothing clean. Plus they are bulky and seems like not possibly comfy. But yes, that is a good option for this. Thanks for the comment.

  5. My heart is melting. Your angel is beyond precious and so are those sunsuits. I really love the print of the white one.

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