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1940’s Wartime Utility Apron’s

June 21, 2013

So as I love sewing wartime items, I made these and I am finishing one more now. My nan used to wear these all the time and so do I now when I am cleaning or for my reenactment’s. They are from an original 40’s pattern and made in all cotton, look so great with my turban’s. Now I am going to make myself a 50’s summer dress. Pic’s when I am done.

  1. Adorable! I always admire these when I see them on TV. Did you make them from a vintage one (as a pattern)?

  2. I’ve been looking for something like that. The coverage is nice so would not need a shirt under. It is so hot here in summer that two layers just don’t work. Isn’t it hard to do all that bias binding?

  3. My Nana wore aprons a bit like that.She called them “pinnies” and they had pockets full of clothes pegs and other useful things. I used to think that I would NEVER wear one but now they seem so useful, and I yearn for one.

  4. Ah! These are exactly what I’ve been yearning to do, too. So practical, and you’ve done them up so nicely! Could you share the pattern info with us, pretty please!

  5. I live in Australia and have been looking everywhere for a pattern for one of these aprons , can you tell me the pattern please, I wear an apron everyday and make them as presents for friends Thanks

  6. Hi….just what I’m looking for…but I can’t find a sewing pattern….any chance can you show the pattern you used please?

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