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1940’s Style Blouse

June 22, 2013

So in my endeavors to make a 40’s wardrobe I made a blouse, I love the puffy sleeves and I really like the peter pan collars and I found a pattern thats fits both. This is a modern pattern but has that vintage feel. The pattern is Butterick 5711 and was not too difficult to make, the collar needed extra attention to get it just right but don’t they all….   I also found this perfect baby blue material with little white dots and got it at a great bargain. So pleased with it. Looks really good with my wide leg pants or my rockabilly trousers.

  1. Love your blouse – such appropriate fabric, too!
    Peaked at your website – good luck in UK, scooping up op shop goodies! Love your turban, too.

  2. Oh a big congratulations to you! Looks lovely! This is something I really want to do. I’ve gotten a couple of “repo’s” and they never quite fit right. Nothing better than figuring it out yourself:)

    1. Joanna,
      I followed the pattern exactly for my size and love it, it nips in at the waist giving a really cute hour glass shape and the sleeves stay puffy…great pattern.

      Happy Crafting, Veronica

  3. Darling blouse! Once you’re familiar with the silhouettes, all kinds of modern patterns start catching your eye as having vintage details/possibilities. And I don’t worry about cherishing a modern pattern like I do a vintage one– I do all kinds of adjustments and tweaks on them.

    And if I can’t find the right vintage fabric, I look for new that’s a vintage repro or has the right look. I know there are purists who scoff at that sort of thing, but I’m having too much fun and getting too much creative fulfillment to care.

    1. I am not a purest either but I like to stay to patterns, modern or old that are the same design available to that period and yes there are some modern patterns that work perfect as this blouse does. I choose material I FEEL works….you should have fun with it, thats the whole point…thanks Elizabeth.

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