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May 29, 2013

This is going to be a short post on here as I made a much more detailed one on my blog about sewing my first official dress! I used this popular retro butterick pattern B5478 , paired it with a lovely polished cotton that I picked up at a second hand store for a bargain (it has these adorable little strawberry plants against navy blue)

The process of sewing this dress went off without a hitch until the very end. I even used tailor’s tacks to make sure my darts would all be even! I was incredibly excited when this was the final result.

It turned out lovely…light weight …fun…swishy and almost perfect! Why almost? Because I got all the way to the end put the zip in …got ready to put it on and realized that I made a huge mistake. I got it to zip up just fine…until it hit the bottom part of my full bust. I had no idea that I would need to do a Full Bust Adjustment …how did I not realize this when I am fairly certain I have read it before? No clue…it just slipped my mind. My bust is 8 inches larger than my upper bust so I am going to re-do this dress using an FBA and see how it goes. Check out more details on my new blog 🙂 as always thank you for reading and being such wonderfully talented individuals!



  1. If you have enough fabric left, you could just redo the bodice and put it on the skirt, but I saw on your blog that you’re giving it to a (lucky lucky) friend.

    I read somewhere (probably a Palmer/Pletsch book) that patterns are sized for a B cup, so if you’re bigger than that, you have to adjust. I even have to tweak them for Cs. With experience, you’ll be able to look at a pattern and know exactly how to adjust it. I also learned the hard way to choose the size by the finished garment measurements on the pattern pieces.

    And when you invest in a dress form, the adjustable ones are the best. They’re sized for B cups too, so what I did was dial mine so the underbust (chest) measurement matched mine, then put an old bra on it and filled the cups with batting. That way, I had a good match to my proportions for fitting.

    The more we sew, the more we learn. Even the projects that don’t turn out teach us and sharpen our skills.

    1. Thank you for all of those suggestions!! I am hoping to get an adjustable dress form sometime within the next few months to help with fitting. I never would’ve thought to dial it up to my full bust measurement! and If I had more material I definitely would have redone the bodice …I had just enough to make the dress sadly enough.

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